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Speciality Coffee

Meet Katia, her speciality drip blend, and how it made its way to Ohio

Honduras Speciality Coffee for Roasted Tremont in Cleveland Ohio katia duke.PNG

Katia Duke is a local specialty female coffee farmer, in Honduras, with a robust passion for her craft.


Since 1975, the Duke family's love and care for their coffee plantation has allowed them to cultivate eco-friendly, specialty coffee.

For the past 5 years, Katia Duke (4th-generation), has led the farm in a transition from the production of conventional coffee to specialty coffee.

Katia's family farm, "San Isidro," is the home of more than 180 species of orchids, birds, and butterflies in Copán Ruinas, Honduras.


San Isidro was selected for the process of "Cup of Excellence" - which is the most prestigious competition and award for high-quality coffees.

Honduras Speciality Coffee for Roasted Tremont in Cleveland Ohio.PNG
Honduras Speciality Coffee for Roasted Tremont in Cleveland Ohio sofia syed owner.PNG

Back in March of 2019, Sofia, the owner of Roasted, spent time in Copan Ruinas, Honduras on the coffee farm ran by Katia. The trip was hosted by Alejandra Flores of Unateza Coffee, and the accompanying members all had a background working in coffee.


While Sofia was there, she worked closely with Katia. During her trip, she learned about the life cycle and process of coffee first-hand. All of which allowed her to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation. Now that she has opened Roasted, she is able to support Katia by using her blends, and can share Katia's transcendent coffee with Tremont! 

Honduras Trip

Experienced by Roasted's Owner, Sofia 

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San Isidro

In Copán Ruinas, Honduras

Speciality Coffee Farmer

Katia Duke

More Photos from Honduras!

Honduras trip March 2019 • All photos were taken by Sofia, owner of Roasted

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